Best Time To Visit India

Owing to its geographical diversity, India could be visited throughout the year. Whereas winter months from October till March are the peak season for tourism in India, monsoon is the best time to visit for enjoying the rain in Northern India as well as the hills or plains in the South for Ayurveda therapies. For wildlife adventure, April, May and June months are the best time to visit National Parks in India as it is the time when chances for sighting Bengal tigers are best. Winter months are perfect too for wildlife spotting. Summer months from April till July is best to for hiking, treks and adventure in North and North Eastern Region of India as well as visit to Ladakh. With our compilation on best time to visit in India according to season, know where to plan your holiday and best things to do in that season if you are planning your tour to India.

Best Time to Travel to India Season-Wise


Winter (October - March)

This is the peak season for tourism in India. Favorable weather and temperature makes it ideal for sightseeing, city breaks and other outdoor activities....


Summers (April - June)

Summer in India is ideal for yoga, meditation as well as adventure sports in North India. This is also the time when honeymoon in North India and North...


Monsoon (July - September)

Monsoon arrives in South India in early July and covers entire country by the end of July. At this time high-altitude regions can be avoided because ...

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